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My full support is behind Gary and I encourage you to do the same and share his name to all your friends across your social media!!! — Baird Stokes

As a retired military professional (USCG 32 years, DoD contractor for 8 years), a total of 40 years defending this Republic, and a relative of one of our Founding Fathers, I wholeheartedly endorse Gary for elected office. He holds and espouses the Conservative and patriotic principles and values of our great Founders. He is a common-sense Patriot who has spent many of his adult years defending this country as well. — John Hooper

I have known Gary for many years. I know him to be a man of integrity, honesty, loyalty and respectful to all he meets. Gary is a true American who loves our country. — Alice Harding

Our founders intended for average citizens to serve as elected officials, not career politicians. I like Gary's pro America, pro Constitution positions. We need people like him to reduce the size, scope and reach of the U.S. Government. — Bobbie Crowell


The Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots, founded in March 2009, voted unanimously on Sunday August 25, 2019, to approve a motion from its Board of Directors to endorse Gary Adkins for U.S. Senate in the 2020 Election.

— Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots






The Earnest Patriots proudly announce their endorsement for Gary Adkins for U.S. Senate 2020

The Commonwealth of Virginia is truly fortunate to have- at long last - the opportunity to send an honest, moral man to represent us in Washington. For a long while, Virginians have been poorly represented, by office holders who put their own interests ahead of those of their constituents.

We now have a chance to change that! And we are blessed.

Gary Adkins is a strong constitutional conservative who believes in smaller government, the retention of our rights and privileges as provided to us by our founders, and a strong America. He is owned by no one and OWES no one.

This is our kind of candidate!

Gary possesses those “household values” Virginians are desperate to have returned to their governance.

We are so privileged to have a choice to support him.

— The Earnest Patriots

The Commonwealth of Virginia is truly blessed to have the opportunity to elect Gary Adkins for our next U.S. Senator. Gary is a true Patriot one who is willing to take a strong conservative stand to fight, defend and preserve our Constitutional rights. Gary is unwavering in his love for God, Country & Family. His strong Christian values are evident in his simple but relevant message, “I will be your voice Virginia” always willing to stand up when called Gary has shown exemplary Leadership skills in both his service to the U.S. Air Force as well as in the private sector. Gary has a strong work ethic and cares about all people of the Commonwealth. He will fight for our Conservative values supporting President Trump in securing the borders and legal paths to citizenship. He will work hard to ensure our economy stays strong and our communities safe. He will support freedom of Religion as well as freedom of education. He is Pro-Life and will fight for the biblical belief that Life begins at conception while fighting to protect our Second Amendment rights.

WE must not pass up this opportunity, it is our duty as Christians to get out and support his Campaign in any way we can… if we do not take action now our in action will result in yet another defeat digging Virginia further into the depths of despair. I encourage all to join me in supporting this true Patriot and Statesman.

Rev. Michael Hirsch VWC Chair; FRC Virginia Pastor Network Chair; Former Fredericksburg Republican Party Chair; Former Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots Chair (Tea Party)

— Rev. MichaEl Hirsch

We are very pleased that Rev. Bill Cook, Founder & CEO of  America's Black Robe Regiment has announced its endorsement of Gary Adkins for U.S. Senate (2020).

It is a great honor and I am very grateful to receive this endorsement from such a prestigious group of godly, Pro-Americans.

— Gary Adkins For Senate

Gary Adkins is just the type of representation we need in Washington fighting for Virginians and our great nation. As a Christian and black woman, I am excited to have someone in the Senate to defend our constitution, religious liberties and babies' right to life, especially black babies who are disproportionately killed by abortion. May God bless your campaign, and may it end in victory! Tywana P. Hampton Founder,

— Tywana Hampton

Mr. Adkins hits all the right points that make him the ideal conservative candidate for Virginia. We should all encourage him and help him in this race. — Joel Hensley

I strongly endorse Gary Adkins for US Senate — Betsy Delph

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