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The United States welcomes ‘legal’ immigrants who want to become American citizens. It is important, however, to distinguish between legal immigrants and 'illegal aliens'.

We have a significant body of immigration law already on the books and we have a documented process for becoming a naturalized citizen. The immigration 'crisis' results directly from years of lack of enforcement and the fact that Congress has failed in its responsibility to address the situation.

To solve the the problem, we must secure the nation’s borders, enforce existing law, and eliminate the magnets attracting illegal aliens. We must also neutralize the organizations and individuals encouraging and facilitating the violation of our laws. Then, and only then, will we be able to address any reform to the system.

There are some reforms that need to be made to improve the body of immigration and naturalization law, but we must first stop illegal immigration, stop aiding and abetting illegal aliens, and end the lawless practices of sanctuary cities, counties, and states. Individuals or municipalities that aid and abet the illegal entry and residence in this country should be subject to prosecution.

I will advocate for the elimination of chain migration, lotteries, and provisions that permit non-citizens to travel to the U.S. for the purpose of giving birth to an infant that receives automatic citizenship.

I will support and strive for an immigration system1 that:

1) recognizes the sovereignty of the United States and its absolute right to determine who may immigrate;

2) provides clear and unambiguous procedures for requesting legal immigration and asylum;

3) includes provisions for checking and verifying backgrounds, affiliations, and criminal records of individuals requesting immigration/asylum;

4) an educational component for ensuring that prospective naturalized citizens learn the History of the United States, civics, and English;  

5) requires a U.S citizen sponsor;

6) requires pledging allegiance to the United States of America;  

7) ultimately affords the individual legal immigrant the opportunity to become a naturalized citizen;

8) includes a provision for temporary VISA for tourism, students; temporary guest workers;

9) provides for tracking and periodic review of individual immigration status;

10) includes an enforcement component;

1Border Security is a critical precursor to the implementation of any successful immigration system.


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