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Governing Philosophy

Government works best when it is closest to the people. When elected representatives are more accessible by the people, government is more responsive to the people. I believe we need to return control and decision-making to the people at State and Local levels to the maximum extent practical.

Constitution of the United States

Like the 'North Star', which is well known for its navigational significance, The Constitution of the United States is our ‘North Star’ for governance of a free people. It is the greatest framework for self-government ever devised by humankind. The first three words, “We The People…” assert that we, the citizens, are most capable of governing ourselves. The founders devised a Representative Republic empowering the citizens of the nation to elect representatives who are subordinate to us, not ‘rulers’ over us. This is the underlying foundational principle represented by the Constitution.

1st Amendment

The 1st Amendment is an immutable statement of rights essential to a free society. Any attempt to alter this or to hinder our exercise of these rights will be met with swift and aggressive rebuke. I may not agree with someone's religious beliefs or what someone says or prints, but I have sworn an oath to defend their right to worship as they choose, speak freely, print whatever they want, to assemble peacefully, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. I will fight to defend these rights.

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment addresses an individual's right to self-defense and the right of a free people to defend against tyranny of an oppressive, dictatorial government. The 2nd Amendment says what it means and means what it says; it needs no further interpretation. We are guaranteed the right to own and bear arms. The government shall not infringe on that right. I will stand against any attempt to pass gun-control legislation that limits or bans ownership of weapons or ammunition.

Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is critical to our ability to maintain a peaceful, equitable, and prosperous society. Without this foundation a civil society cannot exist. I fully support the position that no person or institution is above the law regardless of their position or status; and that includes Members of Congress and government officials who are appointed or elected. Congress and all government officials should be subject to the same laws as other citizens.

Property Rights

In a free society, the government must respect and protect the individual citizen's right to own, use, and enjoy their private property. Unfortunately, all levels of government often interfere with these rights. I will aggressively fight for due process and respect for individual property rights.

National Sovereignty

The United States of America is a sovereign nation accountable only to its citizens. We owe no allegiance to any other nation or International Organization. I will aggressively fight against any effort to subjugate the citizens of the United States or surrender our rights to entities such as the United Nations or any global or regional organizations. 

National Security

This is job #1 for the Federal government. If this is not given the highest priority, we leave the country vulnerable to attack and destruction. It is imperative that the federal representatives never lose sight of this responsibility.  I will be a staunch advocate for, and a diligent defender of our nation’s security on all fronts – foreign and domestic.

National Defense

Our national defense posture must be laser-focused on protecting our citizens from forces intent on destroying our way of life.

I am a strong supporter of our armed forces. When it becomes necessary to send our military forces into harm's way, we must do so with the understanding that we owe them our full support, which includes recognizing that we don’t send them to war without the tools and rules of engagement that facilitates winning the war.

Dedicated men and women have served honorably and many have given their 'ALL' in defense of our country, our principles, and our values. It is essential that we provide our armed forces defending our liberty and freedom the very best training and equipment available.

Notwithstanding a sudden attack or crisis that may arise requiring the Commander-in-Chief to exercise the powers vested in the President to defend the nation, I will be a strong advocate for the Constitutional process and insist on the proper role of Congress in the declaration of war.

Border Security

It is critical that we secure and defend our borders. A nation that cannot secure its borders will cease to be a nation. I am a proponent of a border security system that includes:  physical barrier; technological surveillance, detection, and response notification; and a human component to oversee and manage orderly, legal border crossings – and the apprehension, detention, and swift adjudication of those who attempt to illegally enter without proper authorization.

Fiscal Policy

Government Spending

Government spending is out of control; fraud, waste, and abuse is rampant. I will fight for comprehensive fiscal oversight of all Government Departments and Agencies to include a forensic audit with a focus on three major criteria: 1) Constitutionality; 2) Cost vs Benefit; and 3) Effectivity.

I will insist that we become more fiscally responsible. I will aggressively fight for a change in the spending habits and advocate for a balanced budget amendment.

Congress must return to a more rigorous and timely process for preparing and adopting the Federal budget. I will oppose the use of continuing resolutions and omnibus bills which are almost always brought up last minute and bloated special interest spending.


I support a reform of the existing United States Federal Tax Code — I will advocate for 1) simplification of the current individual tax code; 2) replacement of the current progressive tax system by a “flat/fair tax”; 3) total elimination of the estate/inheritance/or so-called“death tax”; 4) reduction of the current corporate income tax rate(s) to a rate aggressively competitive with other nations.


I will advocate for a vigorous oversight and review of regulatory agencies and elimination of overly burdensome and needless regulations.

While the current Administration has done a great deal to lessen the regulatory burden on the American people, there is still much to be done to roll back the heavy hand of government regulatory agencies. Far too many regulations remain that negatively impact the everyday lives of citizens, stifle innovation, and hamper business growth.



As a Christian, I believe marriage was instituted and ordained by God and is intended to be between one man and one woman.

As a Constitutional Conservative, I believe the definition of marriage is outside the purview of the Federal government; this matter is more appropriately left to the States.


I am totally 100% pro-life. I believe life begins at conception. Every life has value and is created to serve a purpose. I will not support tax payer funding for organizations that perform abortions or to subsidize businesses that engage in trafficking in aborted fetal organs and tissue. I support adoption as an alternative to abortion. 


Healthcare decisions must be left to patients and their doctors.

I do NOT support a socialist, government-run healthcare system. 

I support a total repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which was established in law based on misguided and misleading narratives promising lower costs, more choice, better access to doctors, and vast improvement to the healthcare delivery 'system'. None of this has been realized; quite the opposite has occurred. Premiums have skyrocketed; prescription drug prices are unaffordable and they continue to rise.

I support a market-based, private sector system that will yield a better result based on competition that drives innovative private sector research and development yielding new technologies; improved medicines, and shorter time-to-market; improved techniques, more effective treatment options; and lower cost to the consumer.


The United States welcomes ‘legal’ immigrants who want to become American citizens and productive members of our society. It is important, however, to distinguish between legal immigrants and 'illegal aliens' we must secure the nation’s borders, enforce existing law, and eliminate the magnets attracting illegal aliens.

Illegal Aliens

Crossing the U.S. borders without proper authorization is a violation of law and must be treated as such. There are legal procedures to request entry. There are points of entry set up to facilitate lawful entry and we must insist that they be respected.

Illegal entry must be discouraged and those who do so should be apprehended and deported. Those individuals who have successfully crossed illegally and are already in this country should not benefit from having broken the law. They should not be eligible for federal or state assistance, nor should they granted drivers licenses, work permits.

Illegal aliens who commit crimes while in the country should face the penalty for the crime in addition to the crime of illegal entry.


This issue exemplifies the monumental failure of Congress to perform its Constitutional duty to address U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Policy. The matter needs to be dealt with by Congress not by the Chief Executive. Executive Orders, Actions, and Memoranda are tools to be used by the President to clarify policy and provide guidance to subordinates regarding execution of laws passed by Congress, which the President is sworn to 'faithfully' execute.

By overstepping his authority, the President needlessly exacerbated an already contentious issue that was allowed to develop due to Congress' inaction and its refusal to resolve the issue.


I support the use of marijuana for legitimate medical treatment. I do not support legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Energy Policy

I support, and will advocate for, the development and implementation of a coherent National Energy Policy that:

1) employs an 'all-the-above' approach which maximizes the potential of all available resources;

2) addresses the need to define and implement a coherent U.S. National Energy Policy leading to sustainable energy independence and increased availability of affordable, reliable energy;

3) encourages private sector innovation and development of  more efficient energy resources;

4) reorients the Federal government’s focus on essential research and development versus 'investment', which should be left to the private sector.


I support Education Choice – which is to say, I support options for public, private, home schooling, and vocational and technical training.

As a Constitutional Conservative, I believe education is best controlled at the local levels whereby parents and teachers are afforded more active involvement in decision-making and oversight. Primary responsibility for education rests with parents and, in the case of higher education, individuals seeking to gain knowledge and skills to succeed in life. In much the same way government works best when it is closest to the people, better education outcomes can be realized when curricula content and teaching decisions are made by those most directly involved.

My position on education is firmly rooted in a sincere belief that education provides an individual with the ability to gain the requisite knowledge and skills to be a productive member of society and to fully realize their God-given potential. To that end, it is incumbent on parents to ensure that education and training include reading, writing, math, science, history, economics, civics, critical thinking and logic, and the arts. Education should also include character training stressing the importance of interpersonal social skills and manners conducive to living in a civil society.

In his 1828 Dictionary, Noah Webster gave us a timeless definition of education that we would do well to remember: “To give children a good education in manners, arts and science, is important; to give them a religious education is indispensable; and an immense responsibility rests on the parents and guardians who neglect these duties.”

It has often been said, “The philosophy in the classroom in one generation will become the philosophy of government in the next.”  This statement should serve as a constant reminder to all Americans that we must carefully guard against a very clear and present danger, which is the subversion of the educational system by ideologues intent on exploiting it as a vehicle to indoctrinate students with dangerous, ill-conceived philosophies antithetical to American principles and values.

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